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Wounded Warrior Scholarship Caregiver Recipient Looks Towards Future Success

Nearly three years later after being awarded the CTU Wounded Warrior scholarship, Deborah Fletcher is approaching the end of her journey of completing an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree. "I turned 60 this year and had been out of school for 40+ years," Fletcher stated. "To get to go back to school after this many years has been awesome!"

CTU Doctoral Alumni Chapter Fall Networking Event

Network with fellow CTU doctoral alumni and doctoral candidates then stay for dinner on Wednesday, October 12th in Denver, Colorado.

CTU Student Miguel Rodriguez Named a 2015 Generation Google Scholar

CTU student Miguel Rodriguez was chosen over the summer as a Generation Google Scholar of 2015. One of fifteen students selected for the 2014-2015 academic year, Miguel was awarded a $10,000 grant as well as an all-expenses-paid trip to the Google Scholars' Retreat in Mountain View, CA in mid-June. At the retreat, Miguel joined students from Johns Hopkins University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Florida, and 12 other colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada.

Overcoming Adversity: The Unforgettable Story Of Nadia Marquez

Nadia Najat Marquez's academic journey at CTU began with a phone call, but her life before that moment was defined by a series of hardships that has only strengthened her resolve. Nadia is of half-Navajo descent and grew up in the Four Corners region of New Mexico. As a teenager, she was taken out of public high school because of a debilitating heart condition. Nadia still managed to complete her homeschooling and graduate at the age of 16--a full 2 years early.

Faculty Showcase: CTU Assistant Professor Trevor Rasmusson

As a CTU graduate, it’s no surprise that CTU Assistant Professor Trevor Rasmusson draws inspiration from students attending his courses on academic and career success, and management fundamentals. “As an assistant professor at CTU, I’m constantly inspired by the stories that I hear within my courses,” says Rasmusson, “This inspiration moves me and generates the ability to find creative approaches to a variety of other ventures.”

Catching Up with CTU Alum Tapatha Knupke

Self-motivated and passionate about the future, Tapatha Knupke saw earning a degree as an opportunity to expand her horizons and find the job she’s always dreamed of having. For sixteen years Tapatha worked as a title insurance underwriter in the real estate industry. It was a job she just fell into but one that she happened to love, and it afforded her the opportunity to start a family. "Underwriting did not require a degree, so I didn't pursue one at the time," says Knupke. "My goal at the time was to raise my family while working in a career that I loved."

Fun for Everyone at CTU’s 2015 Alumni Fall Festival

On October 17, 2015, the CTU Alumni Association’s Doctoral and Colorado Alumni Chapters hosted the 2015 Alumni Fall Festival at the Inverness Hotel in Denver.

CTU Alumni Profile - John Petrov

John Petrov realized the importance of a degree and decided to enroll at Colorado Technical University. John often says how he owes his success to this decision.

CTU Alumni Profile - Mary Lou Chernik

Mary Lou Chernik not only completed her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, she also continued to earn her Master of Science in Management in Criminal Justice at CTU.

CTU Alumni Profile: Justin Gifford

By earning his degrees with Colorado Technical University, Justin Gifford is now successful within his field and has more time to spend with his family.

CTU Alumni Profile - John McNeill

“Because of Colorado Technical University, I support and inspire my family.”

Noelle Pikus Pace’s Zigzag Path to Success

Olympic skeleton racer, Noelle Pikus Pace has a goal, but the path to achieving it isn’t a straight line. Read how she navigated the zigzag path to success.

CTU Alumni Spotlight: Gaer Sandager

Gaer Sandager, CTU Alum with a Bachelor of Science in Project Management, talks about his degree from CTU and career as a project manager.

CTU Graduate Brett Amidon Appointed VP of Engineering and Global Product Development at Northrop Grumman

CTU is proud of graduate Brett Amidon who was recently appointed to a VP role at Northrop Grumman. His hard work and perseverance paid off.

Mother and Son Graduate Together

Kathleen Kiefer and her son Dan both pursued online Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration at CTU. They participated in CTU's graduation ceremony in Kansas City in May.