Digital Landscape Gives Way to New CTU Digital-Focused Degree

Introducing CTU's new Bachelor Degree in Digital MarketingAs the world shifts from bricks-and-mortar to online, there is more a need now than ever for digitally savvy professionals to staff the workplace. Not colleagues who’ve never heard of Facebook and Twitter, but people who understand how to leverage the power of social media for businesses and companies. Workplaces need people who will keep up with the ever-changing landscape of social media channels including Youtube, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Businesses want to hire digital-minded people who have a psychological and scientific understanding of what’s going to make people read and share and what will drive consumers to action, which, in turn, could increase revenue for companies. Those are the kinds of skills that are needed in today’s increasingly digital world.

Educational institutions are following suit, understanding that digital space is where opportunity abounds. So in response, many institutions are creating majors to equip their graduates to stay at the forefront of the industry, employing both a practical and theoretical approach to the discipline. We asked Melissa Burton-Williams, CTU’s Program Director, Undergraduate College of Business and Management, about the genesis of the University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Digital Marketing degree, about the program and what its goals are.

Why was the BBA-Digital Marketing created?

The degree program was created in part due to the Business Advisory Board discussing the evolution of marketing and the need for a program that better responded to the advancements in marketing as they relate to social media and apps. That discussion gained traction with the Undergraduate Program Committee and various marketing faculty.

What need was the faculty hoping to fulfill when CTU established this degree?

We all know that traditional marketing programs are firmly established in print and tv/radio media. But in order to best address the needs of the marketing profession, and to stay ahead of comparable marketing programs, a digital marketing focus made the most sense, as it is specific enough to warrant its own program.

Digital has become such a hot-button issue that agencies, which focus on just digital marketing, are sprouting up all the time. But despite the proliferation of social channels and community managers, and other digital-focused roles, there’s still a dearth of job applicants ready to take on social media-heavy roles. This degree hopes to fill the gap.

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