CTU Alumni Profile - John McNeill

John McNeill
CTU Online
Graduation Year: 2009
Degree Obtained: MBA
Field of Study: Logistics, Supply Chain Management

JohnJohn McNeill has been an employee at Lockheed Martin for over 25 years. Starting as a bench assembler, as John’s family grew and his desire to excel within his company increased, John knew that a change needed to happen. He had always wanted to go back to school, but had not been able to in the past. Pursuing his education was the next logical step and due to his busy life as an employee, husband, and father of four, an online degree program was the most realistic option.

While earning his degree, John often learned concepts in class that he could incorporate into his job the next day. He often learned about business theory from instructors with long-standing business backgrounds, making the subject matter all the more relatable.

By enrolling in CTU’s online program, John was able to balance earning his degree with raising a family. He also provided a strong example of a hardworking student to his children; all four of which are now in college. John is proud of the fact that he inspired his family and instilled in his children the importance of higher education. Many evenings were spent around the dining room table doing homework and studying as a family.

“In the near future I may be pursuing my doctorate degree,” says John, “but my son’s professors are really pushing him for his doctorate degree, so we’ll see who gets their doctorate degree first.”

John now holds the title Staff Level Logistics Engineer at Lockheed Martin, where he continues to succeed. With this position, he has a more flexible schedule and more free time to pursue one of his passions – making music with his family. He and his kids often get together in their home recording studio where they are able to bond and record songs.

Whether it is a continued successful career with Lockheed Martin, or a new career in the music world, John McNeill is proud of his education, career and family. He serves as not only a role model for his children, but also to those who think that school cannot fit in their busy lives. John was able to work at his job, raise a family, and become a successful CTU graduate.

“Because of Colorado Technical University, I support and inspire my family.”