New Microsoft Office Features

Five Reasons to Use/Download 0365Microsoft Office has changed over the years and each version has new enhancements and features. Can you imagine life without spell check and undo/redo buttons? Cloud storage is another feature that has helped to improve efficiency. When Office 2016 came out, more new features were launched. Below are the top 5 new features in Office 2016 that can make your life easier.

  1. Tell Me. It often takes time to find new features in a software or to learn it for the first time. The Tell Me feature makes it easier to work within Office. You can type in what actions you want to take next, such as change the line spacing or change the font. A list of options will appear so you do not need to search the ribbon for the appropriate action. This can save time and help you make changes to your documents easily.
  2. Smart Lookup. As a student, you might need to look up information on a phrase or topic. Smart lookup will find information from the Bing search engine and display it within the Office application. To use this feature, select the text that you want to search and choose Smart Lookup in the right-click menu or type in Smart Lookup in the Tell Me box.
  3. New templates and charts. As a student and professional, you will likely be asked to create different types of documents such as APA formatted papers and business reports. You’ll also likely be asked to create presentations for difference audiences, and incorporate charts. There are six new types of charts in Office 2016/O365, new templates to help you create educational and professional documents, and new design features to assist you. It is always nice when software can help you work smarter instead of harder.
  4. Collaboration and sharing. O365 and Office 2016 are all about collaboration and sharing. Outlook has a drop-down option allowing you to select recent documents to attach to an email instead of having to search your computer. If you save the documents to OneDrive, collaboration is even easier. You can share a document or add co-authors. These features can make group projects at school or work much easier and can allow you to see what your co-author is typing in real-time. This feature also saves multiple emails back and forth.
  5. Cross-device support. Many CTU students use multiple devices for school such a mobile device, tablet and laptop. O365 and Office 2016 provide cross-platform support for all devices and documents can easily be opened and synced between each. This is a great feature for starting assignments on your mobile device and finishing them at a computer. The feature is also necessary for collaboration so office can be used on a Mac, PC, or mobile device. You are no longer limited to one type of device, which supports a busy lifestyle.

Dr. Lisa Haas, Director of Learning Solutions at CTUDr. Lisa Haas is the Director of Learning Solutions at Colorado Technical University. Haas received her Ed.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change from Benedictine University. With over 15 years of experience in higher education specializing in online education, adult learning, and educational technology, Haas is dedicated to improving educational experiences for students through innovation and technology.