McDonald’s Employee Enjoys Success at CTU

CTU Student Brenda DavisColorado Technical University student, Brenda Davis, of Mesa, Arizona, started working at McDonald’s when she was 16 years old. “I took the job at McDonald’s only intending to work there for the summer, but I never left,” said Davis. Twenty-one years later, she’s still there.

“I attended community college right out of high school for three semesters,” Davis said, “but I just wanted to work at the time, so I stopped taking classes.” Since then, Brenda has worked her way up the ranks to area supervisor of four McDonald’s franchises and puts in an average of 50 hours per week.

McDonald’s Work Experience Created an Interest in Accounting

Davis’s job managing McDonald’s franchises includes working with some of the financial information at the restaurants. This, combined with her side job of keeping books for her husband’s small custom embroidery shop, made her want to understand what was going on “behind the scenes” of the financial data she handled every day. Her interest in accounting started to grow, and she began her search for a college with an accounting program that would fit her busy lifestyle.

Why CTU?

She looked at many universities but chose online CTU courses for many reasons. First, she knew that McDonald’s had an alliance with CTU that would provide her with a tuition grant. In addition, she was intrigued by CTU’s Fast Track™ program, where she could earn college credit for what she had learned on the job for the last 21 years.

CTU students can take Fast Track™ exams that test knowledge of key course objectives, that, when passed, may save students up to 30% in time and money. When Davis started at CTU in 2014, she was also able to transfer credits from McDonald’s Hamburger University.

The Beginning of an Academic Journey

Davis’s first goal at CTU was to earn an Associate of Science in Accounting, which she accomplished in 2015, graduating with a 3.98 GPA. “Most associate degrees take two years,” said Davis. But since she earned CTU credits for her prior experience, she was able to finish in about half the time—just 13 months. And that was accomplished by taking just two courses per session.

Currently, Davis is working on her Bachelor of Science in Accounting, which she also expects to complete in 13 months. “At CTU, because of the credit I’ve received for prior work experience and education, I’m going to get a bachelor’s degree in just over two years instead of the usual four years.”

What Makes CTU Special

“One of my favorite things about CTU has been I was able to use intellipath™, for some of my classes,” said Davis. Intellipath is an adaptive learning technology that evaluates what you already know and creates a custom learning pathway letting you bypass the knowledge and skills you already have and focuses on the areas where more knowledge is required, so you’re delivered the content you need along the way.

Another positive experience at CTU has been the quality instruction she’s received. “The CTU instructors are so passionate about the students learning the material,” said Davis. She was pleased to see how many instructors really cared that each student grasped the course content. “They make themselves available to their students via email and message boards and give special attention to those who need it,” Davis said.

What the Future Holds

Davis has no concrete plans after she receives her bachelor’s degree later this year, but she can imagine herself using her CTU accounting degree to look for a position in finance.

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