Helpful Organization Apps

Helpful organization appsBetween work, school, and your personal life, having the right organization apps could mean the difference between remembering to study for your classes and forgetting about important deadlines. We understand that CTU students have plenty on their plate — here are some suggestions for smart, helpful apps to help you manage your busy schedule.

These free organization apps are available for iOS, Android, and web browsers:

  • Google Docs: If you're working across multiple devices, Google Docs is tough to beat in terms of sheer convenience. It's a fully functional cloud-based word processor that allows you to work on a document on your computer, your phone, or a tablet, with changes saved automatically. While it's an online app that allows you to access your documents anywhere you have an internet connection, you can also create and edit documents offline.1
  • Sunrise: Sunrise is a calendar that works with Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. It's notable for its ability to seamlessly connect with a wide range of other apps, including Facebook, TripIt, Todoist, and others. Its major calling card is the Meet feature, which facilitates one-on-one meetings by allowing you to send recipients multiple time slots — when the invitee selects their ideal time slot, the meeting is entered into both of your calendars. Sunrise is also able to sync with your phone, tablet and computer, making it especially useful as a tool for centralizing your schedule.2
  • Todoist: Todoist is a powerful task manager that allows you to view everything on your plate across multiple devices, giving you the ability to color-code tasks according to their priority, create sub-tasks and sub-projects, and track your productivity visually. Perhaps the most appealing feature of this organization app is the ease with which it allows you to collaborate with others — you can share tasks with fellow students, coworkers, family or anyone else. It's all tied together with a simple, intuitive design that allows to focus on the tasks before you.3
  • Dropbox: Dropbox allows you to access or share your files from any device, meaning that you can still access documents, videos, presentations or any other files hosted on the service if you misplace your computer or phone. You start with 2 GB of free online storage space, but Dropbox allows you to earn additional space in a variety of ways, including referrals from friends.4
  • Evernote: Evernote is an organization app that has some overlap with Todoist, offering a wider range of functions with less-robust task-tracking features. Evernote lets you easily write notes, make checklists, create agendas and "clip" web articles. Evernote even allows you to capture handwritten notes and easily turn business cards into contacts.5

CTU Mobile

In addition to the above organization apps, our students may find a lot to love in the CTU Mobile app. There are plenty of reasons for downloading CTU's mobile app, and the ability to function as your student ID is just the start. CTU Mobile gives you easy access to e-textbooks and discussion boards — in fact, you can access the full range of your course materials from the app.

CTU Mobile also allows you to track your education progress, allowing you to view grades as well as tasks that you've yet to complete. Tracking the latter is especially easy thanks to the "Add to Calendar" function," which allows you create reminders for assignments. CTU Mobile is a powerful educational tool, especially when used effectively with other organization apps.

Read some helpful tips for using CTU Mobile.

We hope these apps will help you stay organized – with all that goes on in your daily life, maybe one of these apps is just the tool you need to feel less overwhelmed.

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