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CTU Technology Degree - Google GlassWhat is Google Glass?
Google Glass is a smartphone product that you wear on your head as you would a pair of glasses. Just as you’ve seen in futuristic movies, a display shows your view of information and images. It has a video camera that you command by voice to record what you see, take a snapshot or both. You can stream the video you take or share photos in near real-time. With built-in wireless and GPS, you can display onscreen everything you would expect to access on your mobile computer.

CTU Business Degree - 3 Key Management Terms3 Quality Management Terms You Need to Know
Understanding the differences of these key quality management elements helps you more clearly communicate the status of your project with team members. When you know and document these terms accurately in your project plan, you’ll all be on the same page.

CTU Business Degree - Ethics of Cultural DiversityThe Dilemma of Ethics and Cultural Diversity
Ethics and diversity are two major dynamics that influence the environment of modern organizations. Diversity is present when there is a mixture of differences in age, religion, culture, gender, ethnicity, education and more amongst a group of people within the same environment. Increased workplace diversity is connected to large rises in the number of women, minorities, older employees and the disabled in the workforce.

CTU Online Degree - Security in DiversitySecurity in Diversity: Cooperating with Diverse Populations in Homeland Security
As in many other facets of American life, professionals working in the homeland security field must be greatly aware of cultural, ethnic, religious and other types of diversity. Homeland security comprises a range of fields including law enforcement, emergency services, public health, transportation and border security, critical infrastructure protection and more. 

CTU Computer Science Degree - Diversity in ProgrammingDiversity in Programming: Code Camps Provide Collaborative Learning Opportunities in Computer Programming Languages
Learning new programming languages is one of the most important skills that any computer science or information technology student has to master. For many students, studying solely via textbook is challenging and time consuming.  A collaborative teaching environment called Code Camp may be one of the most effective methods for learning innovative new computer programming concepts.

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