Twitter: Give Flight to Your Personal Brand

By Melissa Balsan, Director, Social Media and Community Development

CTU Career Advice - Give Flight to your Personal BrandLooking to build your reputation as a leader in your field? Twitter comes in handy for students and professionals wanting to build their personal brand online. It’s critical to begin exploring and building your brand now. Find out how your Twitter skills can enhance your professional future and help your personal brand take flight.

Join the Twitter Community

To demonstrate your expertise in a particular field or subject area on Twitter, you need to learn how other people in the industry use Twitter. Start by following instructors, peers and any industry experts that are active on Twitter.

There are a couple of different ways to get actively involved with other people in your field. First, try retweeting other posts that you find helpful or interesting. This is a good way to compliment someone you follow and get their attention. Feel free to add your own insight when you retweet an article or link, which allows you to contribute to existing conversations. Second, you can start a direct conversation with someone by typing “@” in front of the person’s Twitter handle. Third, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags so that your posts can be found based on topic.

Be Proactive

Once you cover the Twitter basics, make an effort to get ahead of the crowd. The best way to find tweet-worthy material is to read industry articles, blogs and news stories so that you stay up to date on the latest information. Share relevant news as soon as you hear about it – people will take notice and start looking to you for industry updates. You’ll know your tweets are effective when your followers start retweeting them.

Stay Active

You might post quality tweets, but the only way they’ll get noticed is if you post them often. The great thing about Twitter is that your feed is constantly being refreshed with new content, but that also means that tweets can sometimes go unnoticed. That’s why the more you tweet, the more likely you’ll be to engage your followers and build your brand quickly. Try to post at least a couple times each week, though once a day is even better.

In the end, keep in mind that building your credibility through Twitter isn’t just about tweeting what you know – it’s about getting involved in conversations with industry experts. Always think about how you can use your knowledge to share important information and start dialogue around relevant topics. Tweet well and continually, then watch your personal brand take flight.

How have Twitter and social networking helped you communicate your personal brand? Comment below, or tell us on Twitter @CTUniversity.

CTU Staff - Melissa BalsanMelissa Balsan is the Director of Social Media and Community Development at Colorado Technical University. As an adjunct social media marketing instructor, she has more than a decade of integrated communications experience. Go ahead – Google her, or learn more on VizifyGoogle+ or LinkedIn.

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