3 Career Lessons from Batman

By Rafael Herrera, Career Consultant, Online Campus Support Center

CTU Writing TipsIf a man in a bat suit walked up to you, you’d probably laugh - no matter how intimidating the suit. In comic books, on television and in movies, though, when Bruce Wayne arrives in his bat suit, criminals run in fear. Why is that? Batman has a superior reputation, and as a job candidate, you should too.

Whether an employee or a job candidate, your online reputation has a large impact on your career success. To aid your career search and solidify your online reputation, take these three points from the Dark Knight himself.

People Are Watching

Employers increasingly use the Internet to research job candidates. If you’re looking to become a marketing professional, for example, what will potential employers and acquaintances find when they come across your profile? Will they find the “Batman of Marketing,” an unstoppable professional with focus, discipline and unending resourcefulness? Or will they find “Bruce Wayne, Party Animal?”

The two reputations are polar opposites by design. Bruce Wayne’s reputation helps him work as Batman without suspicion. Similarly, you don’t want a questionable public persona to hinder your ability to obtain work. While everyone uses social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, how you use it matters. Review your profiles carefully, delete unflattering photos and remove inappropriate comments to prevent red flags from potential employers.

Importance of Hand-To-Hand Combat

Your online reputation can be managed fairly easily. But the offline world matters too. Early in his crime fighting career Batman was just a rumor before he became more greatly known. He didn’t make a public announcement that he was on the scene, but simply took action stopping crimes better than any authorities could. People became aware of who he was soon enough.

If you’re making a splash in your field, make sure the news travels more than lightly. Opportunities like informational interviews and networking events can allow you to build your reputation by giving you the chance in person to highlight the excellent work you’re doing. And you’ve heard this: A secure handshake makes a positive first impression.

Batman with a Plan

Batman is never without a strategic plan when on a mission, and job searching should no different for you. Decide what you want, set some short- and long-term goals, and seek opportunities for doing related work now. These can include volunteering or performing contract or part-time work. Regardless of the field, show people the quality of work you can do and your reputation will soar just as Batman does.

Rafael Herrera serves as a career consultant at Colorado Technical University working with students through career courses and coaching. He holds a master’s degree in community counseling from Argosy University and a bachelor’s in psychology from Loyola University Chicago. Rafael also publishes CTU’s biweekly career services newsletter.

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