Frequently Asked Recruiting Questions

CTU Employer Relations FAQs

What does it cost to post positions?
It is free to post positions through Optimal Resume.

Are there any guidelines or policies that apply to employers?
Yes. CTU requires that employers treat our students, employees and alumni with dignity and respect. Employment practices must be professional at all times. CTU will investigate complaints of unethical behavior. As we seek to maintain positive business relationships with employers who utilize our services, we encourage both students and employers to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Can my organization contact students directly?
Yes. All employers have unlimited access to view student resumes in Optimal Resume. However, in order to see the student’s contact information, you must subscribe to Resume GPS.

How can we make our organization more visible to the students?
The best way to make your organization visible to students is by posting your open positions in Optimal Resume. Our students are actively encouraged to post resumes and check for available positions on a frequent basis.

How can my organization recruit CTU students?
There are several ways to recruit students through our services. In addition to posting positions through Optimal Resume, you may contact CTU Career Services for an Employer Relations Representative.

What do we do once we make an offer to a student?
We would appreciate receiving any feedback you have once you hire a student. Please contact us at:

Are there any contractual agreements required?
No. Our services are open to employers at no charge or obligation. You are free to hire any student that you find via Optimal Resume or any other means.

How do I log onto Optimal Resume to manage my job postings?;
Please visit Optimal Resume or contact CTU Career Services for an Employer Relations Representative.