Employer Relations

Employer Relations and Outreach Center

The Employer Relations and Outreach Center at Colorado Technical University (CTU) is designed to help employers and internship facilitators recruit qualified candidates from among Colorado Technical University’s students and alumni. We invite you to join our expanding list of companies marketing to and hiring CTU students and graduates.

As part of our mission, we provide employers with innovative services designed to help them present to, identify and attract qualified CTU students and alumni. With more than 100 degree programs and concentrations offered at CTU, we believe employers will find a diverse pool of candidates equipped with real-world, industry-current skills.

We offer several services to help employers access CTU students and alumni and showcase their opportunities:

Through Optimal Resume employers are able to post employment and internship opportunities.

The Employer Profile presentation is a webinar series featuring a company representative who will highlight their employer’s mission, culture, product or service and candidate recruitment efforts. Organizations and associations will also be profiled to provide attendees with information on networking forums, additional training venues and certifications associated with specific careers. The Employer Profile series is designed to create a live networking and information experience between organizations and CTU students and alumni.

The Career Snapshot series features one-to-one interviews with individuals working in a field associated with one of CTU’s degree programs. These webinars provide an opportunity for students and alumni to receive firsthand information and valuable insights about a career they may or may not have considered.

Please contact an Employer Relations Representative for more information.