Career Coaches

A successful job search often demands extensive time and preparation. At Colorado Technical University, our career services team provides personalized career coaching to help you streamline that process and more effectively navigate the challenges of a job search while educating and empowering you toward your next opportunity. Whether you’re just starting your career, looking to advance on your present path, or preparing for a career change, we can help you determine the next best steps for your personal career journey.

Our CTU career coaches can help you:

  • Identify and understand your strengths, as well as where and how to leverage them for a successful career
  • Develop a career action plan and job search strategy
  • Learn best practices and the job search skills necessary to succeed in a competitive job market
  • Enhance your professional digital identity

Career development is a lifelong process that doesn’t always follow a linear course. In fact, many people change jobs, as well as career paths, several times throughout their lifetime and so visit and revisit various stages of the career planning and job search continuum. No matter where you happen to be on your career course, our CTU career coaches are here to help guide you along the way — whether you’re a student with little or no work experience, or a seasoned, postgraduate alum.