2014 CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

CTU is proud to announce the 2014 recipients of the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship and Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship programs. The scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, course materials and fees, as well as a new laptop computer. To date, CTU has provided 300 scholarships worth nearly $6.5 million through the school’s Wounded Warrior Scholarship program. The CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship and CTU Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship recipients are chosen by selection boards using an academic rubric developed by CTU and designed to objectively evaluate and rank applicants. 

2014 CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Fort Belvoir, Virginia

MsGT Barry Hooper
CPT Jonathan Porges

Fort Benning, Georgia

PFC Purvis Riley

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

SSG Donald Franks
SSG Christopher Schroeder

Fort Carson, Colorado

SSG Nicole Bumpers
SFC Chase Fisher
CPL Patric Murphy
MSGT Keith Williams

Fort Meade, Maryland

SSG Jarrad Davenport

Peterson AFB, Colorado

CW2 Kendall Pickering

Walter Reed National Medical Military Center

SPC Brett Claycamp
CPL Nathan Jakubisin
SGT Luis Remache
SPC Andrew Smith

Wounded Warrior Veteran Recipients

SSG Domingo Soto Santana Jr, Arizona  
MAJ David Andrews, Colorado
SPC Alicia Christopher, Colorado
SGT Pablo Trevino, Colorado
SrA Robert Netherton, Georgia
MSgt Scott Beaudry, Maryland
MAJ Andrew Green, New Mexico
MAJ Andrew Espinoza, New York
SrA La-Toya Parrott, Texas
SPC Brandon Boyd, Virginia

2014 CTU Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Recipients

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Eulalia Vega

Fort Carson, Colorado

Angela Lindsey
Vivian Mitchell
Silvia Williams

Fort Meade, Maryland

Michelle Ruth

Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Vastina Harris

Fort Stewart, Georgia

Debra Monroe
Ayana Powell
Theresa Triplett

Peterson AFB, Colorado

Andrea Pickering

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Maryland

La Torya Holmes
Cynthia Remache
Sobeida Santiago
Victoria Smith

Wounded Warrior Veteran Spouse Recipients

Slaydon, Arizona
Christopher Barnett, Indiana
Liza Fisco, Colorado
Noemi Le, Georgia
Katherine Holman, Nevada
Jennifer Wightman, Tennessee
Gabriela Bordeaux, Texas
Katherine Morton, Texas
Norma Boyd, Virginia
Denny Coleman, Virginia
Sharee Walls, Virginia