Community Colleges

Colorado Technical University will form an alliance with select accredited two-year colleges who wish to provide their graduates with the opportunity to streamline their transition into a Bachelor's degree program.

The CTU Educational Alliances Program for Community Colleges includes:

  • The Completion of an Articulation/Transfer Agreement
    The CTU articulation/transfer agreement formalizes the alliance between our University and your college. Establishing this agreement means a simplified transcript evaluation process for your graduates.
  • A Streamlined Process to Help You Administer our Educational Programs within your College
    Our team will work with you to develop an internal communications plan detailing the unique features and benefits of our Educational Alliances Program.
  • The Ability to Market a Baccalaureate Transition Program to your Students
    This program assumes that all associate-level requirements have been met through an associate degree or the equivalent. This program enables you to provide the flexibility of continuing education to existing students and could definitely be a selling point for your prospective students.
  • Potential Grant Eligibility
    Students enrolling through an Articulation Alliance may be eligible for an Educational Alliances Grant*.

To learn more about the Colorado Technical University Educational Alliances Program, please email us. If you are interested in becoming a CTU student, please call 866-897-1560.

* University grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the University's catalog and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.