Educational Alliances

Welcome Prospective Corporate Partners,

My name is Chris Dwyer, VP of CTU Educational Alliances. I have the privilege of leading a talented team whose purpose is to establish and tenaciously add value to our relationship with corporate partners. Essentially we focus on two objectives:

  • Reduce the barriers for your employees to achieve their educational goals and career aspirations.
  • To open the door to the university’s resources to address your corporate learning & development/ education challenges.

Of course, we offer the standard services and benefits like other universities such as tuition grants, cohorts and articulation. Additionally and what makes us different is that we bring an unprecedented level of personal engagement and relevance for both the employee student and the company.


We know that there is only one way of becoming old friends…..time together. We are patient and willing to invest in our corporate relationships without premature requirements or proposals.

We usually initiate our corporate relationships focused on benefits for the employees and help the company facilitate their education goals for their employees. As we get to know each other, specific Learning and Development opportunities emerge and often lead to exciting highly customized and collaborative programs.

Please contact me personally to find out more about how our company delivers and how your company may benefit from a corporate relationship with CTU.

All the best,

Chris Dwyer
VP, Educational Alliances
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