CTU Presents Karen Kocher

CTU Presents Karen Kocher


Karen Kocher is employed by CIGNA as Chief Learning Officer. In her current role, Karen is responsible for capability development and maximization for all of CIGNA’s global employees as well as external audiences including producers, health care professionals, customers and clients.

Karen has over 15 years experience managing learning and development functions within Fortune 250 companies. In addition to roles leading education organizations, Karen’s background includes technical and sales positions within the insurance and financial services industries.

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The Changing Workforce

The workforce is changing. By 2020 the workforce will be made up mostly of the two youngest generations. These generations crave a different form of management, but their leadership isn't keeping up with these trends.



Being hyperconnected means you are connected to everyone all the time, something many of us feel. Take advantage of it and use telecommuting and virtual leadership to build a team with the best talent available.


Leading Networks

Karen Kocher covers how to be a leader with the new generation entering the workforce. Leaders will need to start to work in different ways to get the most out of employees in the future. Building and using a network will be important and that will require some new skills.


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The Future of Leadership

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