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  • Do College Credits Expire?

    Today’s typical student may no longer look like a freshman straight out of high school. In fact, college enrollment for those 35 and over is projected to increase by 10% through 2024. "Nontraditional" students have full-time jobs, families and additional financial obligations. Skills from past jobs or former stints at school may be valuable. Questions relating to these experiences may come up, such as: Did my credits expire? Fortunately, you can often seek the answers from an admissions advisors or other university resources.

  • How Can I Build Relationships in an Online Learning Program?

    Online learning has surged in popularity over the last decade in response to growing demand from a 21st century workforce for quality, flexible degree programs. While a lack of physical proximity may hinder the “instant” attachments students may form in an on-campus, face-to-face setting, with a little effort and good communication habits, online students can form relationships that could serve them well both while they’re in school and after they graduate. Here are a few tips on how to build relationships while taking online courses.

  • 10 Tips for Emailing Your Professor

    With our constant use of social media, texting, and emailing in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget proper etiquette. Since you'll be emailing your professor, whether that’s submitting an assignment, asking a question, or making an appointment, it is important not to let mistakes ruin your email. Spelling or grammar errors can get in the way of the information you seek or give a wrong impression. Here are some tips on how to email your professor.

  • New and Returning Student Checklist: How to Prepare for the Transition

    Whether you are a new or returning student, the first few weeks or months of classes may be an adjustment. However, there are steps you can take at the start of the term that may help you keep up with schoolwork and your personal life, such as creating a budget, planning a calendar or joining an in-person or online study group.

  • Student Productivity: 8 Tips You Can Use to Help Stay Focused

    Staying focused doesn’t always come easily. Whether you feel like you just can’t get started, or find yourself distracted, there are some techniques you can use that may make your project work and study sessions more productive. You can work on getting enough sleep, starting the day off right with a good breakfast, and staying organized, among others.

  • How to Make Your Online Learning Experience Successful

    With millions of people attending college via the Internet, what makes a successful online student? How do you really balance work, life, family and college? At CTU, our goal is to help you work to complete your degree while still balancing life’s other demands. Here are some tips for success from our graduates to consider while you are pursuing an online degree with CTU.3

  • How to Go Back to School After Having a Baby

    If you have a new baby in the house, then you know just how much your life has changed. Your priorities have shifted, and with newborn care now at the top of your list, your schedule is a far cry (pun intended!) from what it used to be. Thought you'd organize your closet and write those thank-you notes? Think again!

  • Myths and Facts About Online Learning

    Colorado Technical University Student Success Coach Bill Priestley shares three myths he hears from students about online learning. Are online courses as rigorous as campus-based, face-to-face courses? Is online education easier? Many prospective students have the same questions and concerns when considering online courses.