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How Hugo Villegas Changed the Worst of Humanity

Hugo Villegas was a successful CEO in Bolivia when he was kidnapped and held by terrorists for ransom. When he emerged, he developed his passion for education.

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Great Test Taker

An average grade earner in high school, Tonya found her dream come true excelling in college writing. She found confidence through higher education.

How to Stay on Top in the IT Industry

Information technology (IT) is a growing industry. To stay on top of industry trends, you’ll need to proactively act on opportunities.

Entrepreneurship: Do’s and Don’ts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For the aspiring entrepreneur, experienced entrepreneur and business faculty member Dr. Emad Rahim shares his advice.

My Career-Changing Moment Reveals Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Dr. Gene Landrum describes how he got involved with developing the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant business - even with no food service experience.

Getting a 'Real' Job - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Chuck E. Cheese restaurant concept creator Gene Landrum, Ph.D., makes the point that an entrepreneur may face the expectation of getting a ‘real’ job.

Education is a Community Effort at CTU

Build a global network by connecting with CTU students and faculty on social media including, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn.

The Proof is in the Salary: Median Project Manager Salary in Six-Figures

Project management is an in-demand field that can offer you a variety of career options and a six-figure salary.

Don’t Miss the Conversation with CTU Faculty on Twitter

Share ideas, discuss current news and connect with CTU’s academic leaders and faculty on Twitter.

Tap Into Best-selling author Charlene Li's "Give Three, Get Three" Approach to Networking

Networking is more than getting desired connections. More importantly, it’s what you give in relationships that counts toward your networking success.

Doing What You Shouldn't Do - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

A lesson from entrepreneur Gene Landrum, Ph.D., proving that pursuing the unconventional path - despite what others tell you to do - has its rewards.

Overcoming "You Can't" - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant concept creator Dr. Gene Landrum, Ph.D., discusses succeeding beyond the ‘cant’s’ in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Not Just Instructors. Real World Gladiators.

At CTU, we believe in providing an education that meets real-world challenges, which is why we don’t just hire instructors. We hire real world gladiators.

All in a Day’s Work - Fighting Smuggling, Narcotics, Financial and Cyber Crimes

Combining analytical skills with on-the-ground action, Immigration and Customs Enforcement offers exciting career options in Homeland Security.

An Education that Keeps Pace with the Real World

At CTU, we constantly assess our curriculum against real-world business needs to ensure students gain relevant, practical knowledge they can use.