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CTU Presents Distinguished Lecturer Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna

CTU Presents Distinguished Lecturer Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna on March 26, 2014.

Why RN Staffing Needs Better Regulation

With a federal bill on RN staffing regulation still in limbo, patients are left to hope they live in a state that’s already adopted regulations for better care.

Could a Dream Career be Just a Stone’s Throw Away?

Former NYC video producer, Nora Pugliese, knows how hard it is to make the leap to a new career path, but she also knows its rewards.

How to Stay on Top in the IT Industry

Information technology (IT) is a growing industry. To stay on top of industry trends, you’ll need to proactively act on opportunities.

All in a Day’s Work - Fighting Smuggling, Narcotics, Financial and Cyber Crimes

Combining analytical skills with on-the-ground action, Immigration and Customs Enforcement offers exciting career options in Homeland Security.

Tim Gramling joins Board of Directors for Aurora Economic Development

Colorado Campuses President Dr. Tim Gramling has joined the Board of Directors for the Aurora Economic Development Council.

Important Skills for an IT Career

Information technology may be a hot career field, but landing an IT position can be tough unless you have these critical skills.

Homeland Security: It’s More Than a TV Show

“Homeland” may thrill audiences and inspire career choices, but the real field includes a wide variety of professional avenues that rely on a range of skills.

Higher Education: A Remarkable Return on Investment

College education offers tremendous value in today’s economy. This survey of recent labor, lifestyle and health research lists key benefits of a college degree.

CTU Selected as a Top Military-Friendly School in MAE's 2014 Guide


Sign Me Up, Stat! Meet the Top Healthcare Careers that Don’t Require an M.D.

Think you need an M.D. to play a major role in healthcare? Not so. Healthcare managers work behind the scenes to great effect — and it’s a field that’s growing.

Looking for a Career in Homeland Security? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Could Have Your Next Job

When it comes to pursuing opportunities with FEMA, they are as numerous and diverse as the types of disasters that strike.

Entrepreneurship 101: What Is Its Relevance in Higher Education?

Entrepreneurship may be the new kid on the university block, but in today’s economy where more and more people must start over, it could also be the most useful.

The Affordable Care Act: What's in the Fine Print?

Obamacare got you confused? You’re not the only one. Here’s how the controversial health care plan breaks down.

Solving a Real-World Problem

At the CTU Aurora campus, the students of one capstone class invented a solution to a logistical nightmare.