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It’s a New Year: Make Your Relationships Count

Like clockwork, when the New Year rolls around people everywhere resolve to make a fresh start. It makes sense. The slower pace of the holiday season that precedes the New Year is a perfect time for personal reflection. It’s during that time, your mind gravitates to the many things you wish you had done but never seemed to make time for.

How to Identify Stakeholders in Project Management

As a project manager responsible for completing projects successfully and within scope, it’s imperative that you know the stakeholders. Stakeholders can be a person or organization with an interest in the project’s completion. This can be anyone from an influential customer, sponsor, the public or performing organization involved in the project.

What Makes Rapists Tick?

One of the most difficult things law enforcement officers must do is to interview rape victims. They must be asked highly intrusive questions that force them to relive an extraordinarily painful experience. Yet the hard, cold fact is that cops aren’t therapists. Their primary goal is to capture the rapist and to keep another victim from going through the same pain.

All the Ways You're Not Protecting Company Data

In most organizations, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for alerting the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other key executives of potential security risks related to the business’ critical Information Systems (IS) infrastructure and data. Another key responsibility is to mitigate cyber-attacks.

So You Think You Have a Smart Password?

In previous posts, I’ve written about potential security threats you face when it comes to protecting your computer systems and data. In this post, we get personal as I share ideas for protecting your personal assets from digital vulnerabilities.

How S.M.A.R.T. are your goals?

The word “smart” can be defined in many different ways. Such a seemingly simple word can mean anything from bright and quick-witted to the more negative connotation of being insolent. In the 1980s more meaning was added to this simple word when George Doran, Arthur Miller and James Cunningham used “smart” as an acronym to define a goal setting process to be used when managing people.

Is Your Digital Identity Setting You Up For Trouble?

Anyone pursuing new professional opportunities these days understands that leveraging social media, and the identities established in the various communities, is critical for success. But does social media really work? Check out these statistics from an annual Jobvite survey.

What's at Stake Nationally With Transborder Security?

I recently presented at the Trans-Border Narco-Terrorism Conference co-hosted by Angelo State University, Texas Tech and the Transborder International Police. The conference was a perfect example of regional collaboration between academia, public sector – both from the U.S. and Mexico – and the private sector. It was a success, not by virtue of the number of participants, but rather by who was present, the information shared, and discussion of the hard issues found at the nexus of narcotics trafficking, crime and terrorism.

CTU Colorado Springs Education Fair

Visit Colorado Technical University at the Pikes Peak Parent Education Fair in Colorado Springs.

Can you Help Rebuild the Economy?

The economy is slowly recovering. But what can be done to fix the challenges we are facing?

How to Prevent Catching the Flu

In early January, 2013, reported the flu had arrived nearly five weeks ahead of season, and was already active in over 41 states.

Want to Know about a Degree in Homeland Security but Not Sure Whom to ask?

With the launch of our new master’s degree in homeland security, Colorado Technical University is sending a clear signal to all stakeholders in the field – from policymakers to players in the public and private sectors, and to all those staking their careers on some facet of this growing arena. We intend to set the educational standard for those who will lead the discipline into the future.

What Six Internal Security Threats are Lurking Down Your Office Corridors?

Big data is more than just hype from the tech world. The proliferation of information across multiple dimensions is real. It comes from everywhere, from cellphone GPS signals, to purchase records and to the updates we make to our favorite social media websites.

Fast Food and Russia: A Match Made in Food Heaven?

Is bringing a popular U.S. industry to Russia a good thing? The Burger King Corporation is attempting to find out. A recent Moscow Times article describes the Burger King Corporation’s strategy to increase competition with fast food rivals McDonald’s, KFC and Subway for a share of the Russian fast food market. Fast food is certainly not new to Russia but Burger King is late to the game, with Subway, McDonalds and KFC holding the top market share.

The Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary: Reducing the Threat of Active Shooters

The horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut that left twenty-six adults and children dead has reignited the debate over gun control. Under particular scrutiny is the advisability and legality of allowing citizens to purchase assault rifles.