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CTU and CCCS Agreement Extends Higher Education Opportunities to Thousands

More than 160,000 community college students in the Denver area now have access to greater educational opportunities following an Admissions Promise agreement between CTU and CCCS.

CTU’s Dr. Steve Staley Works for Student Veteran Success

Understanding the unique needs of student veterans helps them transition to civilian life during and after school.

CTU Presents Bestselling Author and TED Speaker, Jane McGonigal

Join us for a live YouTube webcast with gaming expert and author Jane McGonigal on April 17th at 5pm MST.  Jane will discuss how games can make us better – and change the world.

Skills to Lead Are Skills to Succeed

Like businesses, good leaders evolve with the times. Do you know how to flip dilemmas and hone your maker instinct? Here’s what you need to know for the future.

Doubt: When Do You Know You Can Successfully Pursue That Advanced Degree?

Heather Thompson didn’t know if she had what it took to earn her doctorate. Despite single parenthood and personal tragedy, she succeeded. And so, she says, can you.

CTU Speaker Series Offers Students and Alumni Insights from Nationally-Recognized Industry Experts

Jane McGonigal and Keith Ferrazzi join the 2014 CTU Presents Lecture Series

Project Manager is More Than a Job Title

Project management skills are in-demand for most any professional role, not just project managers. Discover the 5 most essential skills you need.

CTU Celebrates Technology Innovation with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak

At CTU, we strive to learn from innovators like Wozniak and incorporate his teachings as well as the latest technology developments and achievements into our degree programs.