Pandemics – The Threat That Will Never Go Away

CTU Homeland Security Degree - Pandemics BackgrounderThink of a counterterrorism intelligence officer, and you’ll likely imagine some dashing figure in an exotic part of the world stealthily chasing down would-be bombers. An epidemiologist tucked away in a nondescript lab? Not quite. And yet that very same doctor—along with a vast network of public health officials and hospital doctors on the front lines—are doing real and important work when it comes to the task of identifying pandemics. Unfortunately, taking that information and forming a realistic and effective plan that addresses everything from developing vaccines to mitigating the sociological and economic impacts, is where most countries fall short. Dr. Nadav Morag takes on this broad and critical subject here as he explores the history, ramifications, and future of the one threat to human existence that will never go away. Continue reading...

Image credit: Flickr/Tom Thai