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6 Key Lessons From an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is challenging, but also rewarding. Consider the following strategies that increase the likelihood of success in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

How to Make Your Resume Work for You

You’ve sent your resume to potential employers. Wonder why you’re not getting callbacks? The answer may be as simple as what’s missing from your resume.

Hot Job: Medical Credentialing

Those who aspire to the medical profession may traditionally think of working in more commonly known jobs, such as a physician or a nurse. Consider a career as a medical credentialist.

4 Ways to Add Time to Your Day

You’ve likely heard someone say, or said yourself, “If I only had more hours in a day…” Some days, you might be surprised at where your time actually goes.

Be Non-Traditional: A Final Lesson and Your Next Assignment

Former U.S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, addressed CTU graduates on June 15, 2013, advising them to be “non-traditional.”

"Don’t get stuck following your dream," says former U.S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings

Former U.S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, urges CTU graduates to be “non-traditional” as they move forward in their careers.

How to Leave a Professional Conference with More Than a Free Tote Bag

What can academic and professional conferences do for you? When it comes to building your network, knowledge and resources, the answer may surprise you.

Want to Propel Your Career Goals? Find a Mentor

Career success rarely the result of individual effort. The perspective and advice of a mentor – someone who’s “been there, done that” – can move your career ahead.

Success Connection: Mentorship and the Rise to Leadership

Do you know the important connection between mentorship and leadership? Here’s how mentoring can raise your success level, along with some of the do’s of mentorship.

Life Happens: How to Cope

Life changes quickly, and sometimes, tragically. Though many challenges will come our way, what will be your motivation to finish your goals until you reach success?

4 Simple And Powerful Ways To Build Your Team’s Confidence And Rule The World

Self-confidence is key to developing successful teams. Leaders can inspire this confidence through consistent and purposeful efforts to acknowledge a valued employee.

Make a Connection that Matters

Mentorships go a very long way in the workplace. See how you can connect with the right person who can point your career—and life—in the right direction.

CTU Interactive Heat Map

CTU is much more than just an online university.  Explore the map to see just how large and widespread our network of students, alumni and facebook fans is.  

Networking Can Get You In

Networking has shaped some of history’s most impressive match-ups. Don’t wait to reach out to meet new people and cultivate your existing relationships.

Modern Networking: How to Build Professional Connections that Matter

Modern Networking: How to Build Professional Connections that Matter
Learn how to network in the modern world and form professional connections that matter.