Expand Your Career Horizons with a Homeland Security Degree

Stephen Recca, M.A. - Homeland Security Professional 

"Colorado Technical University’s homeland security program really is designed, creatively built for those who are seeking real challenges in homeland security. I think we all appreciate that this is a very serious field. We have big issues we face, issues that need to be solved. And it’s a homeland security graduate program that will get the students that first step through that door to understand both the questions and then look to find those answers. Not only to today’s challenges, those things like hurricanes or terrorist attacks, but what’s tomorrow’s challenge?

We look to those thought leaders in homeland security already, both educators and practitioners. Identify what their skill sets were based on which curriculum, which content that we wanted to place in this program. That content is really designed to be cutting edge. It’s designed to be that employer-driven, demand-driven side of homeland security. We know what employers want. We’ve asked, we’ve gotten response, and now we’re ready to deliver.

The students we bring in the program are getting both what employers are looking for, but also they’re getting it from those distinguished faculty that bring practical experience in with the top-flight education background. Those students that are hungry to meet those challenges and answer those questions. They walk away from this program ready to hit the ground running. We’re creating subject matter experts and thought leaders in the field of homeland security. That’s why we’ve designed this program."