Passion and Engagement Characterize CTU Faculty

CTU faculty members are known for keeping it real, and by that we mean delivering students more than textbook knowledge and theoretical ideas. Instead, students encounter instructors who are not only passionate about their field of study, but who are also actively engaged in the profession. CTU faculty do more than just teach a subject, they actually do it, giving students unique insight in how to directly apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world.

Video Transcript

Dr. Shana Garrett – VP of Academic Affairs

What’s really cool about my job is working with my team and my faculty. They’re just amazing experts in their field. They’re passionate about what they do, they love being here, and we’re all here for our students. And I know that sounds like it’s haggling because everybody says that, but we really live and breathe it every single day. We really care about our students and we care about what we’re bringing to the table and helping them achieve their goals.

Dr. Chris Davis – Vice Provost 

In our doctoral programs, every student is assigned a faculty mentor that works with that student one-on-one. So part of that relationship is the mentor helps the student with what they need to do for their dissertation and their research. But the faculty is also bringing in their knowledge of the field the student’s researching to understand the issues, the current base of knowledge, and how to improve and expand on what the knowledge is.

Dr. Connie Johnson – Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Our goal is that our students would go into the work place and be able to immediately engage in whatever work that they’re in. And so that they wouldn’t need ramp-up time, that they would be familiar from their classwork on how to solve problems or how to look at a situation, how to analyze a situation – that they’d hit the ground running.

Richard Holloway, J.D. – Program Director, Security Studies 

If all you get is the book perspective, you’re only getting half of the story really. So the book is important – all of that matters. But you want the book and then you want someone who’s actually taken what was in that book, and put it into practice. That’s why I think our faculty is so special. Because they not only learned it, they can teach it, and they can actually do it.

Dr. Shana Garrett – VP of Academic Affairs

We have a lot of fun with what we do because everybody’s very passionate about what we do, and what we’re bringing to the table, and we’re excited about our students. And so, it’s a fun environment, it’s a great experience, it’s a collaborative team, and I love being here.