Military Veteran Paves a Unique Road to Success

Rick Grams, a CTU graduate with a MSM degree in business management, describes how his military career trained him to always know his direction, whether that meant steering a Navy ship or navigating his military career path. But once he retired, he no longer had a clear path. Pursuing his degree at CTU helped me develop a new path, so today, he knows where he is going and looks forward to new opportunities in his work and in his life.

Video Transcript

Rick Grams – MSM, Business Management

"I’m in, and now, I’m creating my own roadmap. I served for 11 years in the Navy as a ship’s navigator. I always knew where the ship was going and I felt like I always knew where I was going. In the service, you’re given a path as to what your career field is going to be. And if you check off those boxes and apply a little additional effort, chances are you’re going to be very successful in the service. And I was; I was extremely successful. But after leaving the service, that roadmap was not there. Felt like a lack of knowledge and I wanted to do more – I wanted to do it better. I thought going the CTU route would be best because you had access to go to school anytime you wanted or anytime you could. I earned both my bachelor’s and my master’s at CTU. It opened up a lot of doors for me. So now at this point in my life I’m an independent consultant in project management. Working for myself is very interesting. There’s no static 8 to 5 office in my case. The kind of life that’s allowed me to have, you know lets me enjoy the activities that are healthy for me. You know, the running, biking, walking with my dog – they’re enjoyable times. Fortunately for me, my education at CTU allowed me to rebuild my roadmap and continue bringing forth great things within my career and my personal life."