Balancing Work and Life to Achieve New Goals

For CTU graduate, John Petrov, his pursuit of a college degree didn't come until later in life, after he had already started a professional career, which meant balancing work, life and his studies. But he found his stride, learning how to integrate and apply what he learned in school directly into his work, which he says enabled him to have the career success he enjoys today.

Video Transcript

John Petrov – BSBA, HR Management

"I’m in. And now, I’m in a great place in my life. My father came to America in search of freedom, happiness, and the pursuit of the American dream. I did not go to college early on in life; I chose to go later on as a working professional, and I started with CTU. It was a challenge, but it was a reasonable challenge. Balancing work, life and school. But I was able to apply meaningful learning to my real life on the job. Instantaneously, often times right after class, I can go in the next day and apply a concept that I learned. That really helped me throughout my career and it’s still helping me even today. I’ve recently joined the University of Maryland University College as their associate vice president of human resources. It’s a job that I have responsibility; it’s something that I’m challenged with each and every day. You know D.C. is an incredible city filled with culture, the arts, entertainment. I love to visit the national monuments. It’s just a melting pot of diversity, and for my father to have immigrated and for me to be at the center point of freedom - our nation’s capital – it’s a really beautiful thing. I can tell you that if it weren’t for my completion of my bachelor’s degree, I wouldn’t be in the chair I’m sitting in today speaking to you."