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Is Online Education Right For You?

Your life is already full, but earning a degree is a priority. Could earning your degree online be your best option?

Education That Revolves Around You

CTU gives you the technology to control how you learn, and the real-world education you need to hit the ground running. Advance your career at Colorado Technical University.

Who to Take With You on Your Road to Graduation

You don’t have to go on the road to higher education success on your own. Colorado Technical University is there with you each step of the way.

CTU Graduates 2013: Surprising College Firsts

CTU graduates experience many ‘firsts' during their university journey. See the stories that motivate their actions toward higher education.

How Hugo Villegas Changed the Worst of Humanity

Hugo Villegas was a successful CEO in Bolivia when he was kidnapped and held by terrorists for ransom. When he emerged, he developed his passion for education.

Education is a Community Effort at CTU

Build a global network by connecting with CTU students and faculty on social media including, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn.

Not Just Instructors. Real World Gladiators.

At CTU, we believe in providing an education that meets real-world challenges, which is why we don’t just hire instructors. We hire real world gladiators.

An Education that Keeps Pace with the Real World

At CTU, we constantly assess our curriculum against real-world business needs to ensure students gain relevant, practical knowledge they can use.

The Not-so-Straight Path to Success

Dr. Rahim is a CTU Business alum and real-world faculty member. Words cannot describe his incredible story - just watch.

It’s a Juggle But it’s Possible

CTU professor, Elizabeth Melvin, juggled a pregnancy, career and family while pursuing her master’s degree.

How to Pay for College: See How Financial Aid Works

Does financing your education feel daunting? Here's a quick overview of what to expect, designed to help you navigate the process with confidence.

Accessible, Innovative Technology at CTU

CTU's personalized learning system lets you control what, where, when and how you learn. Customize your course material to move quickly through what you know and learn something new.