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CTU Story: Enjolique W.

I'M IN AND NOW I pave the way for those who seek progress, but don't know what route to take to begin their journey.

CTU Story: Tom C.

I'M IN AND NOW with each degree I receive from CTU, I achieve a promotion to the next level within my field.

CTU Story: Jeremy B.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm able to pursue opportunities to do what I love, Information Technology, while taking care of my family.

CTU Story: Nicole C.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm helping students visualize their dreams!

CTU Story: Dana H.

I'M IN AND NOW more then ever, I developed success in school. As a stay at home dad, business owner, and security professional...I can see the finish line!

CTU Story: Venasta T.

I'M IN AND NOW every time I look at my diploma, I cry tears of joy!

CTU Story: Phil C.

I'M IN AND NOW after 3 1/2 years, I finally completed my goal of being the first member of my family to graduate college.

CTU Story: Justin G.

I'M IN AND NOW I am a respected professional in my field not only within my company, but also within the network of marketing experts in the area.

CTU Story: Daniel H.

I'M IN AND NOW I’M IN and now I’m achieving my dream.

CTU Story: Patty Jean N.

I'M IN AND NOW that I am an alumni, continue to mentor students at CTU and have been doing so for close to a year.

CTU Story: Jason S.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm wanting more! After taking a six month hiatus, I’ve just started my Hero’s Journey at CTU Colorado Springs as a hybrid student in the Doctor of Management Program with a Concentration in Organizational Development and Change.

CTU Story: Mukesh J.

I'M IN AND NOW I can achieve my dream job.

CTU Story: Glynis P.

I'M IN AND NOW in the words of John Quincy Adams "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

CTU Story: Mary Lou C.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm hooked on learning.