Patty Jean N.

Patty Jean

Alumni, student

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW that I am an alumni, continue to mentor students at CTU and have been doing so for close to a year.

Describe your educational and professional background.

I received my Associate's degree at Widener University Legal Education Institute along with my Paralegal Certificate. This gave me the chance to become certified as a paralegal and open a part time business as a Notary Public utilizing the knowledge gained during my studies at Widener.

How has CTU been part of your educational and professional path?

From 2006 to 2011, I took a long break from school and decided to go at it again. I never took an online class and it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who has a busy schedule such as I did. Flexible scheduling worked perfect for me. I did study and put a lot of time and research into my work along with working a full time job and maintaining a part time business. The instructors, the resources, and all the support staff was available anytime. If I decide to pursue my Masters, I would again turn to CTU.

How is your life different now that you've graduated from CTU?

When I started my college career back in 2002, I never dreamed I would continue my schooling and go on to get a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Now that I have my degree and made Summa Cum Laude, this is an accomplishment for me and I am glad I chose to move on in my education. Now that I am an alumni, I continue to mentor students at CTU and have been for close to a year. I have been looking for part time work in the criminal field, but with the down of the economy nothing has become available.