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Op Ed: Technology Perspective on RIM’s Decline

Business and technology faculty here at CTU have watched news reports involving Research in Motion (RIM) closely for lessons to share on leadership, management and innovation. As part of a two-part op ed series, we asked Dr. Emad Rahim and Dr. Myles Vogel to share their personal reactions to what caused RIM’s decline. Part two in the series, this is Myles’ response.

Global Security Series: The Foundation of Syria

This is the first post in CTU’s Global Security Series in which Dr. Morag will offer background and analysis on issues related to U.S. national security and homeland security. Dr. Morag will post weekly, addressing each country or topic in a series of posts over several weeks before moving on to the next country or topic.

Egypt’s Presidential Elections: Implications for the Region and the U.S.

The recent Egyptian presidential elections have led to the victory of the country’s first Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate, Muhammad Mursi. Despite the media’s efforts to trumpet the “profound change” in Egypt, it is far from clear what the election of Mursi really means for Egypt and the rest of the world.

Op Ed: Business Perspective on RIM’s Decline

As part of a two-part op ed series, we asked the University Dean of Business and Management, Dr. Emad Rahim, and the University Dean of IT, Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Myles Vogel, to share their personal reactions to what caused RIM’s decline. Part one in the series, this is Emad’s response.

How to Sound Computer-Savvy Using These Ten Terms

If you want to speak like a computer expert, it helps to do your research on computers, Internet trends, and the latest technological advances. To start learning the technical jargon, here’s a list of ten terms that you should know.

What You Need When You Fix Your Computer

Attempting to fix your computer is stressful enough, so scrambling around to find backup discs and paperwork only makes it worse. You can improve the situation, however, by assembling the right tools and materials before you start the repairs.

The Roots of Cloud Computing

What is all this hype over cloud computing? Is it really something new under the sun? As one who has witnessed the last forty years of computing technology, I say yes and no.

Flame and the (Fairly) New World of Cyber Warfare

The recent press coverage of the “Flame” computer virus, which computer security experts have purportedly been aware of since 2010, underscores changes that have been occurring in intelligence-gathering and warfare.

Why do I have so many unexplained charges on my itemized bill?

If you have ever been to a hospital and received an itemized bill, you’ve probably questioned many of the charges.

Ten Signs that Your Computer Could Have a Virus

Sometimes our computers act so bizarrely that we can no longer deny that some kind of malware, or malicious software, has caught us off guard. Downloading an antivirus program and using the Internet carefully are great ways to protect your computer, but cluttering your system with unnecessary and even dangerous files and programs is inevitable.