CTU Alumni Profile - Mary Lou Chernik

CTU Alumnus Mary Lou Chernik

Campus: CTU Online
Graduation Year: 2010
Field of Study: Criminal Justice
Degrees Obtained: Master of Science in Management 2010, Bachelor of Science 2009

Mary Lou Chernik always wanted to pursue her education, but her career in the military kept her busy until later in life. Now with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Colorado Technical University, Mary Lou is an adjunct professor teaching criminal justice.

Mary Lou earned her Associate degree while serving in the United States Military. She knew she wanted to continue her education, but being a Special Agent in the Air Force kept her busy. After she retired, Mary Lou started her own private investigations company and a few years after that began working as a Field Deputy Medical Investigator.

As if she wasn’t busy enough running her own company and working for the Office of the Medical Investigator, Mary Lou decided it was time to head back to school. Living in rural New Mexico offered limited options for school; CTU’s online degree program seemed like the perfect fit.

As it turns out, CTU was a great fit! Mary Lou not only completed her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, she also continued to earn her Master of Science in Management in Criminal Justice. Earning both of these degrees helped Mary Lou in her job and in her own business.

Mary Lou now teaches criminal justice as an adjunct professor for an online school. She hopes to one day be an online instructor for CTU and use her experience as a student to teach future criminal justice grads.