A Great Support Network for Success

CTU Student Success Story - Dennis BakerFor some students, their support network is everything. Dennis Baker’s whole family is behind him in his educational pursuits. In fact, it was his mother who encouraged him to go back to school. Dennis is earning his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security and Emergency Management at CTU.

He hopes to continue on for his Master’s degree in Homeland Security as well. That field is a natural fit for Dennis, who spent 33 years in the U.S. Army.

“In the Army, I learned dedication, discipline, skill, and camaraderie that will last a lifetime,” Dennis says. “CTU is helping me translate my military experience - I have been exposed to a whole new group of friends and it is helping me reintegrate into civilian life.”

In addition to his friends and family, Dennis has encountered many others within CTU that he counts as part of his support network. When he first began, his admissions advisor, Jorge Mazariegos, helped him navigate the Virtual Campus and master some of the technical aspects of being an online student.

His Success Coach, Brian Bellows, helped him when he was feeling challenged in his courses, providing him with knowledge of policies and motivation to succeed.

“I’m not the same person who entered this program,” Dennis says. “My subject knowledge and confidence has grown.”

Instructors have provided him with further inspiration. Janiece Tomlinson provided a supportive environment for his very first class, and Zachary Rapport brought deep topics to the forefront for Dennis when he took his Psychology course.

Dennis is not afraid to seek out the resources he needs to complete his work well.

“I don’t back down from assignments that need to be done,” he said. Dennis has also made friends in his classes, and they have formed study groups and “burn the midnight oil” together.

Dennis plans to have his entire family and support network with him when he graduates, and is looking forward to celebrating that accomplishment.