What Fantasy Football Teaches You about Successful Interviewing

By Frank Biancorosso, Career Coach, Online Campus Support Center

CTU Professional Development - Job Interviews and FootballAfter my family, I have two great passions in life: helping students prepare for job interviews and fantasy football. Interestingly, I’ve found some beneficial overlap between the two.

Who would have thought that interviewing for a job and playing fantasy football could be related? Here’s more on just how:

For those who play fantasy football, you’re familiar with the stress that comes from anticipating outcomes and hoping to make the right choices. It’s reminiscent of the interview process in today’s tough economy. There is a lot of uncertainty:

  • What questions will I be asked?
  • Did I answer the questions correctly?
  • Did I do well enough to get a job offer?

Whether you’re playing fantasy football or searching for your next best career move, here are three tips to help you win.

Preparation leads to success. With fantasy football, you have to do your research before you play the game. You want to know: Is the player injured? What is the latest news on them? Is the team good enough for this player to do well? Preparing for an interview is similar. You need to find out: Is the company healthy? What is the latest news on them? Are they doing well enough compared to their competitors?

Practice makes perfect. In fantasy football, you’re able to participate in mock drafts that simulate a real experience. A friend of mine takes this to the extreme and has completed over 30 mock drafts to prepare for the real one.  With all that practice he never appears frazzled no matter how the draft plays out. Yes, fantasy football fans are this passionate about winning.

In your job search, fantasy football’s mock draft becomes mock interviews to practice your skills. I suggest using a resource like Optimal Resume that lets you record a mock interview, and then share it with a coach for constructive feedback. It may only take a few practice interviews for you to become comfortable, so no need to go all out like my fantasy football friend!

Show your enthusiasm. The day has arrived – fantasy football draft! As you put on your favorite team’s jersey and clear your calendar for the draft, you feel great. Since you’ve done your homework and spent time practicing, you’re confident in your selections. This same level of excitement and confidence can happen on an important interview day too. Instead of a football jersey, you put on your best-looking suit, arrive to your interview with time to spare, and are ready to respond to whatever questions come your way.

Follow these three simple tips to enjoy success in your fantasy football season and an interview experience. Good luck!

CTU Staff - Frank BiancorossoFrank Biancorosso brings more than nine years of experience in higher education, as well as industry experience in recruiting, corporate development, webinar presentations, career services and training. In addition to managing the employment lead process for the CTU/Optimal Resume website, Frank oversees CTU’s Career Snapshot and Employer Profile webinar series. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management form Keller Graduate School of Management.

Image Credit: Flickr/John Morgan