Around the University: Student Feedback from the Sioux Falls Campus

By Connie Johnson, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer and David Leasure, Ph.D.

CTU Sioux Falls Board of Trustees ReceptionThe Colorado Technical University Board of Trustees met at the Sioux Falls campus of Colorado Technical University in late August. During the visit, the trustees and CTU leadership held a reception for students and employees to discuss their experiences with the university.

The room was lively as trustees and CTU leadership spoke face-to-face with students, staff, and faculty to learn firsthand what the university was doing well and areas where we could improve. Chief among the suggestions were the following:

  • Real-world experience - The students appreciate what our faculty bring to the classroom. Several students remarked that real-world stories make a huge difference in their enjoyment of the class. Students encouraged faculty to incorporate this model into the classroom as opposed to standing and lecturing.
  • Professional Learning Model - CTU’s classes go beyond traditional learning by bringing not only stories, but real-world experiences, scenarios, and practical learning. Students prefer our approach compared with the old learning model of read, take a quiz, read some more, take a test, etc.
  • Flexibility - Students expressed appreciation that our faculty are willing to work with them to meet the multiple pressures of work, family, and school. One student said “I like that I can approach my professors when a conflict comes up.” Students did express concerns about not having classes available when they needed to take them and were encouraged to explore online options.
  • Commitment to students - Finally, the students like the personal commitment they feel from faculty. They feel supported knowing that the faculty are in their corner and want to help them succeed.

Trustee Gordon shared a student story that touched each of us.  She spoke with a student who revealed that her 10-year old daughter recently told her that she was her role model and was so proud of her mommy for going to school.  She is not alone; many students have expressed similar motivations for furthering their education. CTU student Jessica L. is IN to show her son that hard work pays off. Louise L. is IN to be a role model and inspire her children.  

The Board and CTU leadership will continue to hold these important receptions and we look forward to connecting with students who are roles models to their friends and families.

Photo credit: Board of Trustees member David Kaufman and our Chief Academic Officer Dr. Connie Johnson, twitpic via @DrConnieJohnson.


Connie Johnson, Ed.D., is the Chief Academic Officer/Provost working with both online and ground degree programs.  Dr. Johnson is the leader of CTU Academics and Student Affairs and brings over 20 years of experience in academics. Connect with Dr. Johnson on Twitter @DrConnieJohnson. Dr. David Leasure, PhD. is a recent member of the CTU Board of Trustees.