The CTU Library: A Great Resource for Knowledge

By Michael Perry

Knowledge is power! This is especially true in a university. In order for students to be able to successfully complete the assignments provided to them, students need to be able to locate credible resources to provide the correct information so that the assignment can be completed. One of the best resources available for students to use in order to get credible resources to assist them with their assignments is CTU’s virtual library on the Virtual Campus. To truly understand just how useful the library can be and how to use the resources the library provides effectively, it was decided that the best source would be to go straight to the source, a librarian.

Interviewer: Thank you for meeting with me today Michelle! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer some ques-tions which might be able to help out our students!

Michelle: No problem, Michael! Anything to help our students out and inform them of all the resources we have available.

Interviewer: Of course we are aware that our library has a lot of resources and areas that they are able to access to get re-sources they can use to complete their assignments. However, just how many types of databases does CTU offer?

Michelle: That is a good question Michael! CTU has about 32 different databases, and they cover a lot of information which students can use.

Interviewer: Just what do you mean Michelle?

Michelle: They (the databases) cover the academic programs that CTU offers to help students to be able to get information pertaining directly to their subject matter.

Interviewer: That certainly is a lot of different databases for a student to use. If the student were to need help locating a proper database, how would a student be able to contact a librarian?

Michelle: They can contact library by email, phone, or directly through IM. Contact information is located on library home page and home page of Virtual Campus.

Interviewer: Thanks for the information Michelle! If a student were to need to leave a message or if they did send an email, how long does it take for them to hear back from a librarian?

Michelle: Policy is to respond to students within 24 hours but usually we are able to get back to students within a few hours of when we receive their message. If we are closed after we have left for the day then we get back to the student first thing in the morning.

Interviewer: I think that is amazing that students are able to hear back from the library in such a short amount of time! What are the hours the library is open though?

Michelle: That is kind of a tricky question. The library itself is always available for the students to use. The library staff though is available 7 days a week. We have different hours on each day of the week. They are Monday-Thursday 9-9, Friday 9-6, Sat 9-9 and Sunday 1-9PM. However, we are not on the IM system in morning until Noon CST. But we are in the IM system in the afternoons on Sunday-Wed between 1 PM-Midnight CST.

Interviewer: That certainly sounds like a student has a lot of ways to contact a librarian if they need help. However, how do you suggest that student’s get started to start a research topic if they are new to using the library on the Virtual Campus?

Michelle: We have scheduled library tours to help students to figure out where to start on their research. Emails are also sent to students which can provide them with researching tips. We even have tours related directly to specific classes and research areas. The links to tours are recorded, and are available throughout the session. The links to the research recordings can be located right on the homepage in the library.

Interviewer: Thanks again Michelle for that information! A lot of our students though need help with getting familiar with the APA format. Are librarians available to help students unfamiliar with APA formatting? What resource would you recommend to students first?

Michelle: The library has resources to help with APA. We have an APA citation center to help students with APA format-ting. But if they want to do a full APA presentation, visit the writing center as they have more information. Librarians can give students the format of APA, but cannot tell them exactly how to reference. But if the student needs specifics then it is best for the student to go to their professor.

Interviewer: Thanks, Michelle, for all of this information! Do you have anything else that you would also like to add to inform students as well?

Michelle: Yes. Typically student’s contact the library looking for assistance with their homework. If a student is aware as to what topic they need to resource, we would be more than able to assist the student with finding resources for that topic. However, it is also important for students to know if they are not sure as to what topic they should be researching, then that is something they really need to get from their professor since we are not sure as to what topic the student needs to research.