Shopping & Schoolwork: Survival Guide for Black Friday

Shopping & schoolwork on Black FridayBlack Friday has become a major part of the Thanksgiving experience, perhaps outranked solely by eating too much turkey and falling asleep during an afternoon NFL game. As one of the busiest shopping day of the year, there are plenty of great deals to be had on Black Friday; that being said there are some dangers when it comes to your studies. Your journey to earn a degree can’t come to a halt just because you’re trying to snag a sweet deal on sweater vests.

We’ve prepared a guide to help you survive Black Friday while keeping your schoolwork in mind. The five tips below will ensure you’re able get all those crazy deals while still retaining your drive to succeed at school.

5 Survival Tips You Need to Know

You can have it all: You’ve been determined enough to start this journey to earn your degree, and you’re not going to let that get derailed by holiday shopping. With our 5 survival tips, you’ll be able to expertly balance your Black Friday deal-hunting with classwork and studying.

  • Survival Tip #1: Study while in line. It’s 3 a.m., and you’re in line waiting for a 56” TV that’s 75% off at the electronics store. You know there’s only a few to go around, so it had to be that early. Why not use the few hours before the store opens to sharpen your mind? Your Black Friday studying survival kit should definitely include your cell phone or tablet: With CTU’s mobile app you’ll be able to stay on top of class discussions and track your academic progress. Don’t forget your eBook and coffee, too!
  • Survival Tip #2: Plan your route ahead of time. There are few things more stressful than driving down traffic-packed streets, using a big stack of Black Friday ads as a map. Instead, plan an efficient route before you head out. Most Black Friday ads are available for viewing online before the day itself comes; a well-planned route can free up hours for quality studying time!
  • Survival Tip #3: Do your shopping online. Every year, more and more amazing Black Friday deals are available from online retailers. Instead of spending hours in line, consider spending just a few minutes online. You’ll be able to wrap up your shopping, ensuring you’ll have plenty of extra hours for catching up on readings for class or listening to archived lectures. Plus you’ll avoid the throngs of irritable, over-tired shoppers at the stores.
  • Survival Tip #4: Start early, finish early. If you do decide to go for the classic brick-and-mortar Black Friday experience, go as early as possible. You can wrap up all your holiday shopping before the sun is even up, then head home to catch up on your sleep. You’ll wake up rested to a house filled with swag and the rest of the day to focus on upcoming assignments or re-reading important textbook chapters.
  • Survival Tip #5: Keep your eyes on the prize. When you’re camped outside of a store and fading fast, occupy your thoughts with two things: Those low prices you’re about to get on stuff you really want, and the mental strength you’re demonstrating by balancing schoolwork with your social life. If you’re determined enough to go back to school, you’re certainly strong enough to conquer mid-morning sleepiness.

Happy Holidays from CTU

Whether you’re heading out early to the stores or sleeping in after a big Thanksgiving dinner, we at Colorado Technical University would like to wish you a happy holiday. What are your techniques for a successful Black Friday run? Let us know in the comments below.