5 Reasons to Download the All-New CTU Mobile App

Download CTU's New Mobile AppWhen you're going back to college, it's important to have a support team that can motivate and assist you as you work toward meeting your academic goals. Whether it's a supportive advisor who listens at the end of an especially busy week or a former teacher who's always willing to offer an uplifting word, these people are truly invested in your success. Now, with Colorado Technical University's new mobile application, CTU Mobile, you have access to your university support team wherever you go. This easy-to-use application can help you fit education into your daily life. Read on for five reasons that CTU Mobile is one of the most indispensable apps for CTU students.

It's Your Personal Assistant

Between home, work, and school, we know you have a busy life. That's why CTU Mobile is always working to keep you organized and on track. From the Home view you can access your grades and degree progress in addition to the next five tasks you have to complete. If you tap "Add to Calendar" next to an upcoming assignment or Live Chat, CTU Mobile will auto-fill a calendar reminder for you. And when you need to contact an instructor, request a transcript, or check in with your Student Success Coach, CTU Mobile keeps you connected to an entire range of staff and faculty by phone or email.

It's Your Coach

Every time you log on to CTU Mobile, you'll be greeted by a motivational message or helpful tip for a boost of extra encouragement. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. CTU Mobile makes it possible for you to exercise your academic muscle whenever and wherever. Out for your morning bike ride? Put in some earbuds and listen to a full archive of Live Chats. Waiting for an oil change? You're still just a few taps away from reviewing instructor feedback or checking your financial aid status. And don't forget to turn on Push Notifications so you know when your grades have posted or a scheduled live chat changes.

It's Your Librarian

What if you could have a world of learning materials with you at all times without having to carry a backpack full of actual books? It's possible with CTU Mobile. From e-textbooks to Live Chat sessions to discussion boards, the app gives you access to what you need to complete your coursework. Simply tap on your desired class and a full range of course materials will appear at your fingertips.

It's Your Discussion Board Moderator

Discussion boards are one of the most important aspects of CTU’s learning experience. They're a place to share your ideas with fellow classmates and be enlightened by their ideas in return. CTU Mobile helps keep you engaged by putting the complete discussion board experience right on your smartphone screen. You can easily read, write, and reply to all active threads. Better yet, the app always notifies you when a new response to your discussion board posts is ready to view, so you never have to feel out of the loop. With a single tap, CTU Mobile can record a voice dictation so you can stay involved in class discussions even when you don't have a free hand.

It's Your Digital ID Card

CTU Mobile allows you to take a quick selfie to update the photo on your digital ID card, which is available inside the app and makes it easier to take advantage of student discounts. You can even send us your comments and feedback through CTU Mobile. Just like you, we’re always striving to improve.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your CTU Mobile experience? Read these instructions for adding your CTU student email to your mobile device.

About CTU Mobile

Designed to help current CTU online students fit education into their lives, CTU Mobile offers a secure, convenient way to make the most of the mobile moments each day. Anytime. Anywhere. Available now in the iTunes and Google Play store for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users.

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