Career Opportunities for Doctor of Management Degree Holders

Career Opportunities for Doctor of Management Degree HoldersAre you thinking of enrolling in CTU's Doctor of Management Program but you're not sure if you should take the leap? First and foremost, you should ask yourself:

  • Do you hold a business-related Master’s Degree?
  • Are you currently holding a managerial position?

If your answer is yes to these questions perhaps a Doctor of Management degree is something to consider. Generally speaking, the Doctorate in Management degree is targeted at management professionals who are interested in taking their knowledge to the next level and in filling senior positions. At the end of their studies, graduates are qualified to perform dynamic and highly demanding roles such as senior level leadership, consulting, and teaching in business, education and government settings, as well as in nonprofit organizations. Doctorate in Management degree programs offered by universities such as CTU are tailored to teach students industry-specific skills like how to plan and implement change within an organization, perform the roles of effective leaders in a global business setting, and conduct in-depth research into management issues.

Universities such as CTU offer the Doctorate in Management program on campus or online over a period of 3 years. To better prepare students to excel in the field of management that supports their professional goals, CTU offers its students the following concentrations:

CTU's Doctorate in Management program is systematically designed to teach students to develop strategic thinking skills. This involves training students to be effective leaders who critically and constructively evaluate, skillfully analyze, and expertly solve industry issues to make value-added contributions to their chosen fields.

CTU focuses on the following sets of competencies:

  • Research and writing
  • Leadership and change management
  • specific concentration skills according to your area of interest

In this program, students are required to attend an intensive yet enriching two and a half day residential symposium twice annually. In order to receive a Doctorate in Management degree, CTU requires that students satisfactorily complete and defend their dissertation supported by research on top of the successful completion of 96 credits with the required GPA.

By the end of the Doctorate in Management program, students develop analytical and research skills to define problems, accumulate cutting-edge industry knowledge to implement effective solutions, and sharpen their consulting and leadership techniques to seamlessly implement innovative changes in organizations to keep abreast of the times.

Possible career options

A Doctor of Management Degree can open up many career pathways for graduates in the field.

  • Management Consultant
    The job of a management consultant comprises designing training materials and conducting classes for managers on how to lead more effectively. Management consultants are also expected to provide one-on-one advice on best practices to managers to better their management techniques.1
  • Management Educators
    Graduates who prefer to return to the classroom and contribute in the academic field may find this role attractive. Job requirements may include teaching management and business, and publishing research work in journals or presenting them at conferences. In this role, there is a potential to help companies improve their practices using innovative strategies through your research work. 2
  • Business Leader
    The role of a business leader includes people management and overseeing the organizational operations of a company, nonprofit organization or government institution. 3

An advantage of having a Doctor of Management degree is the flexibility it offers in allowing graduates to switch from the academic to the business field for a change of environment and maximum work exposure.

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