CTU’s VP of Student Advising, Jack Lewandowski Answers Your Questions

CTU VP of Student Advising, Jack Lewandowski VP of Student Advising, Jack Lewandowski recently spent a week answering student questions on Facebook. At the end of the week the Q&A received over a dozen comments. Below are few questions from the discussion. See his entire discussion with our Facebook community here. Don’t forget to “Like Us” on Facebook and tune in for our next Q&A session.

When do you suggest pinpointing your area of study?

Earlier is better than later for sure, but it is important that you choose a subject matter that is interesting to you. You do a lot of work each and every week learning new content, and when you find a subject that truly speaks to you on a personal level; it enhances your entire learning experience. Try to focus on that when you are pinpointing what it is you would like to study, and select a program that follows that same line of thought.

Why does a Healthcare Administration major need a science lab?

Often times, programs have multiple objectives that students can expect to learn during their advancement through each course. Something like a science lab may appear to be one dimensional, but there are a number of things you will learn in that kind of course experience. Those items may actually prepare you for course content in another class down the road. My advice would be to give it your all, and learn all you can. You might be surprised with how interesting it is!

Does CTU plan on adding a Master’s program for human services?

At this time, we do not offer that concentration for our MSCJ program. However, we are always evaluating the scope of interest in certain areas, so this gives us more information regarding what it is our students are looking for as we consider how to expand offerings in the future.

Jack Lewandowski is the Vice President of Student Advising for CTU and has been working in higher education for 10 years with experience in advising, training and quality assurance.  The driving force behind his approach to advising and student service is being able to see his students succeed.