CTU Honored As Gold Sponsor at the NHDF Conference

by Robert Lally

This year as in years past, CTU was honored to be a gold sponsor for the annual National Homeland Defense Foundation (NHDF) symposium.  

The NHDF exists for the purpose of Securing the Future of Liberty™ through sharing of innovation, research, education, and information in the fields of homeland defense and security. Since its inception, NHDF has been the public non-profit organization that has provided a public forum for the discussion and presentation of various homeland defense and security issues and solutions. 

Over 350 attendees heard keynote speaker Gen. Jim Jones (USMC, ret) challenge our nation to provide leadership for current security issues, were informed about emerging issues in the Arctic, heard information regarding transnational criminal organizations, learned how to establish a business continuity plan and how "Smart Power" can plan an important role in North American security in the years ahead.

CTU hosted numerous business to business meetings, moderated a panel on "Industry Perspective on Homeland Security and Defense," and interviewed the nationally recognized Artic experts.

CTU was honored to participate in this annual symposium bringing together leaders from all aspects of US Homeland Security and provides a forum for sharing information across organizations.