A Career Search Mindset

The degree programs at Colorado Technical University are designed to give students the ability to complete their education while focusing on the demands of a busy life. And when it’s time to start your professional career or progress within your current field, the CTU Career Services Department can offer you resources and coaching that can directly relate to your career search and progression.

Relationships are important, so it’s exciting to know that graduating from CTU doesn’t end your relationship with the university.  As a CTU Alum, you can have a wide range of services at your disposal, as well as knowledgeable staff ready to assist you in your career search endeavors. The key is starting early by creating a career roadmap before you graduate.

From job search consultations to interactive interview preparedness webinars, CTU’s Career Services Department is equipped with resources designed to guide you further as you reach toward your goals. Our Optimal Resume tool and Career Coaches can help students and graduates learn techniques that can make your cover letter and resume stand out. 

CTU’s personalized career services are created with you in mind!   Our knowledgeable Career Consultants are trained to help you understand the current job market, set realistic career goals, and focus your efforts efficiently and effectively.