Poetry Contest Inspires CTU Campus Team

CTU Colorado Springs CampusWorld Poetry Day, held annually on March 21st, was created by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to promote the reading, writing, publishing, and teaching of poetry throughout the world. To commemorate World Poetry Day 2016, the faculty of CTU’s Colorado Springs campus recently participated in a poetry contest.

Organized by the Engage Our Employees committee, the poetry contest sought entries from faculty and staff members – any form of poetry was permitted. Faculty and staff members then voted on their favorites. This fun competition ignited creativity and inspiration in not only the contest entrants, but the voters as well.

Poetry Contest Entries

In total, 13 clever, inspiring, and original poems were submitted. Voting for the contest, performed via an online ballot that was distributed to faculty and staff, was held from March 21st through March 25th. The three poems with the most votes will soon be framed and posted in the CTU Colorado Springs faculty lounge.

Entrants in the poetry contest were given a loose directive of around 30 lines per poem. The submissions included free verse poems, haikus, rhyming couplets, odes, lyric poems, and more. Voters were asked to select their three favorite poems. The poems that received the most votes were:

  1. “The Hero You Are – Initiation” by Daphne DePorres
  2. “Spelling” by Lynnane George
  3. “A Poem for My Students” by Kyle Torke

Be sure to let us know which poems are your favorites!

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Poetry Contest Winners

The Hero You Are – Initiation

by Daphne DePorres

Welcome to you, the hero, the star; launching this journey, yes you are, yes you are.

Button your buttons, style your hair, this is the year when you take the dare.
Tuck in your tummy, straighten your spine; square your shoulders, take a breath - that’s fine!

As you reflect on the past, and what took so long; don’t fret, your trials made you strong.
The choices you made up to this point in time, join forces to support this journey’s climb.

Focus your mind and open your heart, clear the distractions that could pull you off-chart.
Stay on the path of your future so bright; look dead ahead, stand your full height!

Know your limits, your passions, your dreams; start this trek with a great head of steam.
Wrestle with questions and problems, and such; master fine thinking - thank you very much!

Take the tough feedback, put it in your sights, even though it has a bit of a bite.
Yes, it’s hard to get everything right; yet, what you’ve learned will help you take flight.

Welcome to you, the hero, the star; embracing this journey, yes you are, yes you are.

Monsters and ogres will sometimes drop by, to scare you away - they will try, they will try.
And creatures whose visage is tempting and sweet; they’ll beckon, and fail, and beat a retreat.

Hunched over your work as the candle burns down, dwell not on the amusements in town.
Let silence surround you, as not even a soul, has a true understanding of how important your goal.

You’ll set an example for others to follow; they’ll see your confident pace and borrow, Your courage and daring, bravura and grit; your example will nudge them more than a bit.

To your future you go, don’t look back; you’ll soon reach your target - imagine that!
Run, dance, soar, and sing; this sacred journey gives you wings.

Button your buttons, style your hair; pat yourself on the back, you’ll soon be there.
Tuck in your tummy, straighten your spine; square your shoulders, take a breath -that’s fine!

Welcome to you, the hero, the star; you’re off on this journey, yes you are, yes you are.


by Lynnane George

Please learn to spell correctly, son;
Education is key.
For English counts in life
As well as psychology.

Please learn your science eagerly, son;
Education is technology.
For example, it tells you why
There is salt in the sea.

Please learn your history well, son;
Education is democracy.
It is important to our nation
For us to remain free.

Please learn your passion fervently, son; Education is earned, not free.
Do not take it for granted
For it’s invaluable; you’ll see.

A Poem for My Students

by Kyle Torke

You earn credit
For wearing winter gloves and admiring the crows In the barren tree.
You earn credit for the dusty gear you shucked each night And the explosions you didn’t hear Because you were singing to your daughter.
You earn credit
For moving your mother’s broaches and dresses Into her new rooms and not crying Too much when she called you your sister’s name.
You earn credit
For paying off the credit cards and kicking the nicotine habit And putting art on your new apartment walls and Shaving each morning and buying new notebooks For you and your sons and getting the transmission repaired And driving through the dark to meet your algebra study group.
You earn credit for trying on a new uniform.
You earn credit for shoveling the driveway Of your new life and looking forward to spring.
You earn all the credit (yes, all the credit) You deserve for knowing your future Blooms just in front of you and the seeds of kindness and dedication and preparation will provide both vegetable and flower, both corn and rose, and your world will be even more full of bird song and color because of what you sow today.