CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application: Tips for Writing Your Essay

Writing an essay for an application can be daunting – especially if the essay is about a personal experience or event. These are tips to help you get started and feel confident as you write.

  • If you can’t seem to get started – brainstorm. Write a list of potential topics for your essay – everything that comes to mind. Something might pop out at you.
  • Start a first draft and let it flow. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation errors. Just write.
  • Start working through your first draft and focus on creating a strong introductory paragraph. This is your opportunity to give the reader a great first impression. Tell the reader what you will talk about and how you will talk about it.
  • Hook the reader with active voice – this is your story and it’s a powerful one.
  • Tie body paragraphs together by transitioning from the end of one paragraph to the start of another. Don’t jump from idea to idea.
  • Be powerful in your conclusion. This is your last chance to convince or impress the reader.
  • Be honest in your writing. Don’t write what you think the Selection Board wants to hear. Be real and that will speak volumes.
  • Proofread – especially since the application software does not catch typos or misspellings. Print your essay and read it on paper vs. on a screen. You’ll be surprised how many errors you find.
  • Do a word count – the Wounded Warrior Scholarship essay needs to be at least 500 words.
  • Ask for feedback. A friend, parent, or spouse – a second or third set of eyes is always helpful.

When you’re ready – enter your essay into the application and save. Check that off your list! And if you need help along the way, send us an email: