CTU’s LinkedIn Program Offers Exciting Opportunities for Alumni

By Marissa Banker, M.Ed., CPRW, Campus Director of Career Services

CTU Career Advice - LinkedIn for AlumniDid you know that more than 90% of employers use LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates?

So you’re probably wondering what that means for you. For starters, you can maximize your digital identity and stand out from the LinkedIn crowd. But first, the exciting part:  Colorado Technical University is offering graduates a complimentary subscription to Premium Access on LinkedIn, and specifically, the Job Seeker Premium Account. You’ll find this will help you springboard career searches and networking abilities to new heights, providing you with more opportunities for career buoyancy.

Some highlights of the Job Seeker Premium Account:


  • Top of the trends. The Job Seeker account helps you stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices shared through your network.
  • The whole view. You can see up to 300 full profiles of your second and third connections versus partial views of only up to 100 of your second connections with LinkedIn’s basic account.
  • On the hunt. Looking for a job? You can let your network see that you are by posting a badge on your profile showing you’re on the market for a great opportunity.
  • Find your tribes. With the Job Seeker account, you’re able to network with various groups to identify educational, employer and other connections in common. There’s no better way to discover online people in your industry.

Applying for Jobs

  • Ahead of the line. Having the Premium account comes with its privileges: Your profile displays on the first page of searches, getting priority visibility with hiring managers searching on LinkedIn.
  • Streamlining your search. Advanced search options make your job search more specific with the ability to filter job posting dates, salary type and experience level.
  • You’re ‘In'. You can save the time trying to find company contact information or someone to make connections for you. Instead, you can now directly send personalized InMails to hiring managers and recruiters at your target companies.

Improving Your Profile’s Visibility

  • Keep up with the trend. Just as with engaging topics online, your profile doesn’t miss out on getting trended by seekers and followers. The upgraded Profile Stats page shows you how your profile views have been trending over the last 90 days.
  • Hit the target. The Job Seeker account has a tool that tracks how often you appear in someone’s search. This helps you identify whether you’re hitting your target markets with the right keywords pertaining to your job title, education and other affiliations.
  • Make an impact. Overall, you want to know that the time you’re investing in making your profile a contender is having an impact where you want. The Premium Account’s tools give you insight on how much of an impact your profile is making in 15 focus areas.

The Job Seeker Premium account is a powerful tool that you’ll soon find helping your resume rise closer to the top of the piles. If you’re a CTU student or graduate looking for broader networking capabilities, contact our university career coaches for details on how to claim a LinkedIn account upgrade, courtesy of CTU.

CTU Denver Campus Director of Career Services - Marissa BankerMarissa Banker, M.Ed., CPRW is the Campus Director of Career Services for the Northern Colorado Campuses. Marissa has over 10 years of experience in counseling and post-secondary education focusing on career services, employer relations and community outreach. Connect with Marissa on Twitter @MarissaBanker.

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Participants of the LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium account upgrade must be graduates of Colorado Technical University (CTU) at the time of account activation. CTU Alumni must have received an invitation to the subscription offer prior to activation of a Premium account. Participants will be allowed up to (and not exceeding) 60 days after the invitation is sent to complete the CTU-required training and submit an activation request in order to receive the Premium account upgrade. Participants must have an existing LinkedIn account to receive the Premium account upgrade. Participants’ existing LinkedIn profiles must be at least 50% complete in order to receive the Premium account upgrade. Participants’ subscriptions to the Premium account will be sponsored by CTU for up to 6 months, after wichi point subscribers may extend their Premium account at their own expense. The 6-month complimentary upgrade period begins the day the activation notification email is sent to the participant from LinkedIn, regardless of when the upgrade is accepted by the subscriber. CTU can revoke this offer at any time at its own discretion (e.g., due to a status change with the university, account inactivity, etc.). LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation in the US and other countries. This marketing message and program are not endorsed by or affiliated with LinkedIn Corporation.

Image credit: Flickr/nan palmero