CTU Denver Campus Hosts "Auditions" for Career-Focused Professors

Unique hiring event provided prospective professors with the opportunity to "tryout" for college post-graduate, graduate and associate degree teaching positions

Can you imagine having to audition for a job as a college professor? That's exactly what prospective professors at Colorado Technical University did on Saturday, May 16. The Denver North campus in Westminster, Colo., provided the stage for nearly 20 interested teachers to exhibit their teaching skills.

Each candidate was required to give a 15 minute presentation, just as they would deliver to CTU students working toward post-graduate, graduate and associates' degrees in a variety of disciplines. Professor candidates included a PhD from Columbia University, a soon-to-retire member of the Navy's prestigious Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, a Colorado-based crime scene analyst and a 20 year veteran of Wall Street.

But even the most impressive degrees and a library full of published academic research won't get you hired for a teaching job at CTU. Candidates' live auditions are evaluated on teaching skills, platform presence and ability to engage learners in the classroom.

"I love the fact that we are auditioning, because in essence teaching is a performance," said Lisa Siracuse, a prospective professor for marketing classes. "Effective teaching isn't just about knowing something, it's about effectively communicating that something."

"I love teaching. I'm actually a crime scene analyst for the Lakewood (Colo.) Police Department, so crime scene work and criminal justice is very near and dear to my heart," said Victoria Parker, a prospective criminal justice professor. "I thoroughly enjoy students and the enthusiasm people have for crime scene investigation and I enjoy imparting my knowledge and experience."

"I'd like to be an adjunct professor at CTU because I'm inspired by people who have encountered trials and tribulations in their life and they're looking to overcome them and I want to be a part of their success," said Louis Alberto Gutierrez, prospective professor in computer science."

Candidates who are selected by the University to teach during the July-September Summer session will be notified this week and will then move on to "Boot Camp" - a training session for would-be professors that helps them further hone their teaching skills and prepare to instruct CTU students.

Click here to watch a video about the tryouts.