Master’s Advantage & Doctoral Advantage: Get a Head Start

CTU Master's Advantage Picture that you’re a sprinter, fingers on the ground at the starting line. You’re pitted against four other racers, and you’re all just waiting for the starting bell. Then, suddenly, you take off. Before your other competitors are even aware, you’ve already completed a full lap. That’s a head start.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take that same principle and apply it to your education? With Colorado Technical University Master’s Advantage and Doctoral Advantage, that’s possible.

Master’s Advantage

The Master’s Advantage program allows students who are currently enrolled in a CTU bachelor’s degree program to substitute two future graduate-level courses for two relevant undergraduate-level courses. In essence, this program allows future graduate students to get a head start on their master’s degree. That head start can, in turn, help you save time and tuition money when pursuing your graduate degree at Colorado Technical University.

If you’re interested in Master’s Advantage, your Dean, Academic Advisor, or Program Chair may help you determine if your chosen degree program is eligible. If you’re interested in this graduate-undergraduate credit exchange, you’ll have to choose the Master’s Advantage program at the time of your undergraduate enrollment. Additionally, you’ll also have to identify the master’s degree program that you wish to pursue in the future.

To qualify for the Master’s Advantage program, you must have a CGPA of 3.0 or better prior to entering your final quarter. A member of CTU’s expert Prior Learning Assessment team will monitor your progress throughout your undergraduate degree program to ensure that you stay on track for Master’s Advantage.

Doctoral Advantage

Like Master’s Advantage, the Doctoral Advantage program also allows CTU students to get a head start on a new degree. With Doctoral Advantage, students currently enrolled in a master’s degree program can substitute two doctoral-level courses for two related graduate-level courses.

Unlike with the Master’s Advantage program, you don’t choose Doctoral Advantage at the beginning of your master’s degree program enrollment. Instead, you’ll be eligible for the Doctoral Advantage application process once you have completed the first three courses in an eligible master’s program.

Similar to Master’s Advantage, the Prior Learning Assessment team will work with you to ensure you’re meeting all necessary qualifications for the Doctoral Advantage. To qualify for Doctoral Advantage, you’ll need a CGPA of 3.30 or better prior to entering your final quarter.

Additionally, students enrolled in CTU doctoral degree programs have to meet two additional requirements, regardless of the Doctoral Advantage:

  • You’ll need to attend four residential symposia lasting two and a half days. Read more about the exciting experience of symposium here, or watch this video.
  • If you’re a first term doctoral student, you’ll additional required CTU student orientation prior to the aforementioned residential symposium.

Get More Information Today

If you’re planning on obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree through CTU, the Master’s Advantage and Doctoral Advantage programs allow you to jump start your progress and shorten your path to a new degree. If you’re interested, speak with your advisor today.

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