Discover CTU’s Military and Veteran Resource Community

Discover CTU’s Military and Veteran Resource CommunityColorado Technical University is proud of our deep relationship with active members of the military and veterans. From the time they begin their education through to their post-service careers, CTU supports members of the military, veterans, spouses, and caregivers in achieving their educational and professional goals.

One of the many ways that CTU assists members of the military is with the Military and Veteran Resource Community (M.V.R.C). This online tool connects its users with numerous educational and professional resources, along with an outlet to communicate with other members of the military and veterans.

What can the M.V.R.C do for me?

The Military and Veteran Resource Community contains a wealth of options for military students and alumni. From a single website, members of the military community can find numerous resources to support their academic and professional pursuits.

On the M.V.R.C you can:

  • Learn about military-focused scholarships: The M.V.R.C contains videos and other information that highlights CTU’s Wounded Warrior Scholarship along with other scholarships for members of the military community.
  • Get assistance with your post-military career: On the M.V.R.C, you’ll find numerous resources to help you choose a career and transition to civilian life. Included are links to jobs search websites, military to civilian skill translators, career fair information, and much more.
  • Attend online informational workshops: Available both live and in the M.V.R.C video archive, these informational workshops provide transition tips, success stories, veteran benefit information, and more.
  • Find local and national military events: The M.V.R.C shares information about workshops, job fairs, social gatherings for members of the military community, and many other activities.
  • Receive tutoring: CTU offers Smarthinking, an interactive online tutoring service, at no additional cost. Information about Smarthinking and how to access this services is available through the M.V.R.C.
  • Locate information specific to your needs: CTU’s Military and Veteran Resource Community has pages that specifically help veterans, active duty military members, and military spouses get the support they need. These pages contain CTU’s academic policies, Veterans Affairs (VA) information, suggested reading materials, helpful blog posts, and much more. Some of this information is available as convenient RSS feeds.
  • Communicate with other military members: The M.V.R.C is a great way to expand your network. Through social media, live workshops, polls, open comment forums and more, you can become an active part of CTU’s expansive military community.
  • Access financial assistance information: The M.V.R.C is packed with helpful financial assistance information. Included are links to tuition portals for each branch, VA tuition benefits, and other great financial assistance tools. This area is also where you can view CTU’s tuition and fees schedule.

Explore the Community

CTU’s military population spans its campuses (online, Colorado Springs and Aurora) and includes students, staff, and faculty. That’s why we created the M.V.R.C: to help build a strong community of support for veterans, active duty, guard, and reserve military members along with their spouses, caregivers, and dependents.

Visit the Military and Veteran Resource Community or learn more about being a military student here.