Facilitating Engagement for Online Learners: Do you need an e-portfolio?

  • by: Dr. Connie Johnson, Chief Academic Officer and Provost at CTU
  • March 02, 2015
  • Tips for Success

Learn more about Seelio e-portfolios at CTUWhat is the benefit for students to have an electronic portfolio?

Today, a large amount of communication regarding jobs and employment occurs digitally including social media, email, LinkedIn, resumes and e-portfolios.  I have to admit, that when I am filling positions, I learn about candidates through electronic methods. CTU has a formal partnership with LinkedIn to encourage students to develop a digital profile that can be searched by skills as well as experience.

Why are e-portfolios essential, forward thinking and exciting?

Students have the ability to include work that has been developed throughout their program of study and in many cases reviewed by faculty members and other student peers.  This provides students the ability to showcase work that they have created throughout their years of study which provides potential employers a view into a broad array of student accomplishments.

As CTU continues to explore exciting and innovative ways to approach education, technology tools including e-portfolios will be utilized to connect students with potential employers.

What is Seelio?

Seelio partners with institutions like the CTU to create the world's most prepared students through student lifecycle portfolios. From orientation through graduation, they find touch points throughout the student journey to help students explore, develop their story, gain experience and ultimately find opportunities. Their combination of technology, data insights, and services leads to more prepared students and helps higher-ed institutions increase intentional learning, retention and enrollment for their programs.

When searching for a partner for electronic portfolios, Seelio stood out as a progressive company that places students first. Ease of use, ease of access, and a contemporary website that employers and students find appealing were several of the key benefits. In addition, Seelio has proven success with other traditional and well respected universities.

See more about e-portfolios on our YouTube channel here.