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CTU Career Advice - Social NetworkingSocial networking can be an integral part of your job search, but only when used effectively. If you use it ineffectively, simple photos and comments can negatively affect your career. Here are some social networking do’s and don’ts to follow before starting your job search.

CTU Customized LearningTechnology is driving change in many areas of our lives, from how we interact with friends to how we approach business. It’s no different in higher education. In response to changes in technology, classrooms have evolved from traditional brick-and-mortar institutions to modern-day virtual learning environments.

CTU Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Marika TaishoffIn August 2012, we launched Colorado Technical University’s new Distinguished Lecturer Series with Amy Powell, Director of Operations for Starbucks Coffee Co. The CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series continued on February 21 with Dr. Marika Taishoff, Director of MBA programs at the International University of Monaco, who offered her insight on Going Global.

CTU Homeland Security Degree - Homeland Security 3.0During her first four years as DHS secretary, Janet Napolitano oversaw the broadening of the focus of homeland security from terrorism and counterterrorism to coping with threats such as natural disasters and allocation of resources based on an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities. In providing examples in the use of risk-based methodologies, the secretary pointed to the issues of terrorism, border security, immigration enforcement, cybersecurity, and disaster preparedness and response.

CTU Business Degree - Cultural SensitivityIf you’re studying international business, then you’re learning how unique social, legal, political and cultural factors affect business dynamics. To be effective, you need to have an open mind, great observation skills and most importantly, cultural sensitivity.

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